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18 March 2023
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Bracelet suppliers Adjustable pearl flower ring of sterling silver 925
We are a supplier who has been producing silver jewelry for many years. Worried that your order is small and no supplier takes the order, you can come to Mengmingna Jewelry Co., Ltd. Company, we focus on less moq order.
Product Introduction
Flower pearl ring design, petals are three-dimensional, image, matched with round and lustrous pearls, the whole flower is vivid, the opening ring is set, don’t worry about buying the wrong ring size, the ring is too large or too small. 925 sterling silver material, not easy to be allergic, wear it with confidence. The ring has been inspected many times and the quality is good.
Product Picture
Product parameter
Jewelry main materialSterling silver 925
Jewelry typeRings
Stone type4A freshwater pearl
WeightAbout 2.0 gram/pc
ColorYellow gold/Silver
OEM/ODMCustomization service provided
Product feature and applicable
The flower ring means fashion. Although the flower ring is relatively ordinary and simple ring type, this kind of ring still has a fashionable atmosphere. Flower-shaped rings imply love, eternity, and are very meaningful ornaments. They are also indispensable items when proposing and getting married. The ring is printed with the S925 logo, if you want something different or more surprising, you can print a meaningful logo.
Inlaid with lubricating and full pearls, it symbolizes happiness and happiness. Together, flowers and pearls reflect the combination of beauty and tenderness. Giving this ring to a woman is a tribute to her beauty and tenderness. At the same time, in daily life, the hands also need jewelry decoration, this ring is suitable for any style of clothing.
What are our advantages
Without sufficient funds, suppliers are reluctant to take credit. We can provide credit card payment, which means that you can pay 10% of the funds first, and the remaining 90% can be paid with funds.
The product style is not fashionable, there is no creativity, and it cannot attract customers. We have our own R&D team, and we will create different fashion styles every year. If we can participate in the exhibition, we will participate in the exhibition to learn the fashion trend of jewelry in the industry. Regular training.
The quality of the product is not good enough, which affects the sale. Our products will be inspected many times before shipment to ensure the quality of each product. If there is really a quality problem, we will give it back.
The delivery time is uncertain, which affects the delivery. We have our own factory and large production line, and our product delivery time is guaranteed. You can trust us.
Logistics and transportation are slow and freight prices are high. In recent years, the price of sea freight is very expensive, and many buyers want to purchase, but the freight makes them not purchase. At the same time